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Custom fabrication and welding

Our Custom Welding and Fabrication division touches all sectors of the industries from Residential projects to Commercial goods fabrication as well as Institutional projects. Even though all three of these industry sectors are very different from each other, providing for all three of these different sectors permits us to cross utilize many different fabrication techniques allowing us to always create the best components for the sector in question.


The fabrication of custom steel components for the residential industry is at the very base of everything that we are. From our earliest beginnings in 2010, Designing, Conceptualizing and Fabricating residential steel staircases and railings is what brought us to where we are today. Through hard work and perseverance, we were able to developpe a portfolio of projects that are continuously improving and better than the last. These projects include staircases as simple as two step structures to multi level projects of varied designs. The railings that accompany these staircases can be just as simple or complex as the staircase that they are married to. Whether your desires lean towards cables, bars, glass or designer panels, we have the resources to accomplish it all.

escalier de verre et rampe métal soudé
métro de montréal projet soudure

Our commercial welding division is dedicated at helping our clients scale their own production needs while at the same time not having to worry about acquiring additional work force resources to accomplish the task. Our precision orientated staff is tasked with completing all aspects of a project from start to finish ensuring that both the assembly aspect as well as the welding aspect of the project are properly completed with the same amount of attention throughout. Fabricators are completely responsible for a part from start to finish making it much easier to assess quality and make sure that all parts are rolled out with the same amount of quality throughout the entirety of the project.


Our institutional projects although quite varied in both scale and complexity help to show the quality and precision that comes with a Taylor Steel and Stainless assembly and/or project. From elements as simple as hand rails and railings in public areas to multi dimensional architectural assemblies and components that can be both user friendly and visually pleasing for users of all kinds. Just like our smallest of residential projects, all of our institutional projects are closely followed by the same project manager from start to finish. Our experienced project managers are chosen for their attention to detail and precision which automatically ensures that the end product is always of the highest quality. With the idea that these projects once installed will probably stay in their location for many years and be seen by thousands if not millions of people, our goal while always being in the background as a fabricator is to create and provide the highest quality projects with the idea that they will undoubtedly help to embellish our client’s environments for years to come.

projet d'escalier avec soudure
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