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Plasma cutting service

Cutting Surface Dimensions
5 ft. x 10 ft. / 1,524mm x 3,048mm

We Review Everything

Cutting up to 1.50" / 40mm

Plenty of Stock 

We stock many materials & sizes

Plasma Cutting Services  for Materials up to 1-1/2" x 60" x 120"

Often used as an alternative to gas cutting (oxy flame cutting), plasma cutting is a reliable method for cutting black, stainless and aluminum steel up to 1.50 inches (40 mm) thick. Our plasma machine has a cutting area of ​​60 "(1524 mm) x 120" (3048 mm) and can cut up to 1.50 "(40 mm) thick.

Plasma cutting remains one of the most popular methods for cutting metals. It is particularly popular for cutting thick aluminum and stainless steel sheets. The large work surface makes this method unmatched by technologies such as laser cutting or waterjet cutting.

Offering laser cutting services to business partners in many different industries, we have the capacity to produce orders ranging from single parts to orders composed of several thousands of parts.

Why choose us?
  • Rapid delivery delays

  • Clean and properly wrapped parts

  • Marking & engraving option

  • Small or large quantities

Work zone

Thanks to our plasma cutting machines, we have a large working surface which allows us to cut different materials of dimensions 60 "(1524 mm) x 120" (3048 mm). This gives us great production capacity and great flexibility in our cutting processes.

Speedy response

We know how important access to information is to our customers. Thus, we endeavor to submit a price quotation for our customers' requests within 24 hours of receipt.

Small and large quantities

We are able to quickly and efficiently cut large and small series in a given order.

Large dimensions

Thanks to the work area, which measures 60 "x 120", we are able to cut large formats of sheet metal.

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