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Waterjet cutting

Cutting Surface Dimensions

6 ft. x 12 ft. / 1,829mm x 3,658mm

Extreme Thickness

Cutting up to 8.00" / 203mm

Large choice

Miscellaneous materials

Waterjet Cutting Services  for Materials up to 8.00" x 72" x 144"

The machines we have available can cut almost any material up to a thickness of 8.00 "(203mm). The cutting surface has a dimension of 72" (1.829mm) x 144 "(3.658mm). therefore allows you to cut almost any standard plate format.

Waterjet cutting technology does not consume gas, does not introduce heat into the material, is extremely precise and can cut virtually anything. Waterjet cutting is becoming very popular as one of the basic methods of cutting materials, especially thick pieces or one that will need to be worked by another method later.

Cutting is performed using a powerful water jet (60,000 PSI) and a mixture of abrasives, which can cut materials such as steel, marble, stone, moss , rubber, plastic and more. If you are looking for a cutting company to perform waterjet cutting on stainless steel, aluminum, steel or other material, our company is probably the solution to your problems!

Image by Markus Spiske
Why choose us?
  • No effect of heat on the material to be cut

  • Know-how in cutting steel, stone, rubber and ceramics

  • Can cut aluminum, stainless steel, black steel

  • No burrs on the edges

  • No harmful environmental factors are involved in the process

Speed of implementation

Most waterjet cutting orders are completed within 5 days. Once completed, the items are subjected to quality control and prepared for delivery to the customer.

Materials storage

We have a warehouse stocked with our own materials. When we receive your order, we have the necessary equipment to fulfill it.

No heat transfer

Waterjet cutting does not introduce heat into the material being treated. This is important for very complex shapes and critical for some of the processes that occur after cutting (eg machining or welding).

Dimensional precision

The dimensional accuracy is +/- 0.25mm from the top edge of the cut. The angle of the cutting edge is approximately 1 °, which influences the tolerance at the lower edge.

With or without abrasive

Hard materials are cut with a mixture of an abrasive called Garnet. Soft materials such as wood, foam, rubber can be cut with clean water (under high pressure of course).

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